You are a God of power; You are a God of might

But You said it’s Your Spirit

That always wins the fight

If we will trust in Your Spirit

And put our faith in Your word

We’ll lift a prayer and You’ll hear it

And swing Your double-edge sword


We’ll sing and we’ll dance

And we’ll praise Your name

And clap with all of our might

We’ll march on down to the enemy’s camp

And always fight the good fight.

We’ll stand firm in Your promise

To mend our minds and our hearts

And when we wait on Your presence

We know that You’re gonna start!


You said we haven’t seen anything yet

No, we haven’t seen anything yet.

You made a promise and Your word is true

You are the God who makes all things

All things new


Copyright © 2002 Robert A. Weber III (CCLI, ASCAP)


This enthusiastic song of praise was born out of a time of transition in our church. We were dealing with significant growth and wondering how to handle it. We didn’t feel like God was calling us to build a larger sanctuary or add more services. Eventually, the Senior Pastor and about 1/3 of the congregation went across the river to downtown Peoria to plant a brand new church, which is doing very well today.

After that transition, our new Pastor, who was (and is) very excited about what God is doing through His people, would say “We haven’t seen anything yet!” That became the tag line of the song that gave this ministry its name.

I especially like the call and response section at the end – if anyone ever records this song with some horns, please drop me a line. I think it would go perfectly.

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