Author of life, Creator of the Universe

Ancient of Days, the great I AM

A fortress and a stronghold

The Holy One of Israel

The King and the Lover of my soul


And You love me, and You know me

You take care of me

And You’re there for me

And You come down by Your Spirit

And You take me and make me Your own


Chief Cornerstone

King of kings and Lord of lords

Immanuel, the great I AM

The Bright Morning Star

The Alpha and Omega

The Prince and the Lover of my soul


Copyright © 2002 Robert Weber (CCLI, ASCAP)


I didn’t really start writing songs until this one in 2002. I had hastily scrawled one down (Clap Your Hands) over the course of a ˝ hour one night in the late nineties, but I don’t really count that one. Author of Life was my first “intentional” song.

It’s gone through a few variations, including adding the second verse. My proudest moment with this song is when my then 10-year-old daughter chose to sing it as a solo at our denomination’s Kids in Ministry Arts Festival.

I really like the juxtaposition between the verses, which use the biblical names and descriptions of God the Father and Jesus, and then turns it around to say, “But You still love me, and care for me…”

I hope this song blesses you.


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