God, You are so good

Your kindness endures forever

God, You are so good

All creation exalts Your name

From the top of the world

To the depths of the sea

You reign on high in glory

I stand in awe of Your marvelous works

All I can do is say:


You are my God, You are my King

You are my joy, my ev’rything

I sing Your praise, I shout Your Name

You are my rock, You never change

Take me, oh God, just as I am

Use me right now for Your glory, oh, Lord


Copyright © 2002 Robert A. Weber III (CCLI, ASCAP)


This is one of my first songs, and is still one of my absolute favorites. I have to be absolutely honest that Shout to the Lord was on my mind when I wrote this. As such, they tend to be thematically and musically related. I think this song stands on its own, however.

This song started with the line “God is so good” from the children’s song. It then expanded into what you see here.

A year or two after I wrote it, my good friend Dena Gaddie added the lead line for the intro on her violin, which she picks up again during later choruses. I liked it so much that when she’s not playing with me, I play that line on piano. You can hear the lead on either the .mp3 demo, or the live CD at Soundclick.



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