I will run the race, I will fight the fight

I will stay the course for the sake of the cross

I will now press on to the highest call

So I keep my eyes focused on the prize

On my Savior who paid it all


For Your prize, oh, Lord

Is greater than all things

To stand in the presence of our King

By Your grace alone

Can we stand before Your throne

And we take our crowns

And we cast them down

Singing praise to the Lord of Hosts.


So we sing His praise

Lifting up His Name

Standing on His word

We'll never be the same


Copyright © 2005 Robert A. Weber III (CCLI, ASCAP)


There are so many places in Scripture that we are encouraged to the commitment that is the Christian life. Often the writer uses sports analogies, such as running a race or boxing. Paul also mentions fighting the good fight of faith.

This song expresses the Christianís commitment to follow in the footsteps of Paul, seeking Godís will, in the end attaining the greatest of all prizes, standing in the presence of our God.

The bass/piano bit in the intro to this song is fun and not hard to play. I encourage you to use it.


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